Friday, August 7, 2015

Weird ways of saying I Love You - Zodiac

We all know various manifestations of love. I came across couple of interpretations by Linda Goodman on love shown by various signs in her book.

aries symbol ram
1. Aries - When he/she allows you to select the movie you both going to

taurus symbol bull
2. Taurus - When he/she speaks more than usual

gemini symbol twins
3. Gemini - When he/she remembers things about you

cancer symbol crab
4. Cancer - When he/she buys you a lavish gift

leo symbol lion
5. Leo - When he/she skips a gathering of friends to be with only you

virgo symbol virgin
6. Virgo - When he/she looks lovingly at your messy closet

libra symbol scales
7. Libra - When he/she takes your side

scorpio symbol scorpion
8. Scorpio - When he/she helps you get a voice

sagittarius symbol centaur
9. Sagittarius - When he/she saves little stuff of you

capricorn symbol mountain goat
10. Capricorn - When he/she takes you to meet their family

aquarius symbol water bearer
11. Aquarius - When he/she keeps coming back

pisces symbol fish
12. Pisces - When he/she takes you as their saviour

Friday, July 31, 2015

Godavari - Blend of Aries woman and Pisces man

Aries Pisces compatibility

Such a beautiful love story it is of Ram and Sita of Godavari. The director used wonderful background music and soulful dialogues to brew a sweet tale. However, the story of Aries girl and a Pisces boy isn't really that easy.
Sumanth Godavari Pisces man

I cracked the sign of Sita pretty quick. In fact many of my friends familiar with Sun signs did. But I took fairly huge amount of time to understand the sign of Ram of the story. He is idealistic with no hint of materialism. He is pretty sensitive about his first love but stubborn in sticking to his dream. He likes to give away stuff and self-sacrificing. He is beyond rules of courtship and timid in approaching women. He doesn't have any ego. Well, with much contemplation, I came to know he is a Piscean.

Kamalini Godavari Aries woman
Sita, portrayed by Kamalini is simple to decode. She is undoubtedly Arien with independent air and sparks. She dreams big, decides impulsively and relishes freedom. Aries idealism shouts out loud too. Tinge of arrogance, pinch of innocence and above all loads of optimism.
Kamalini Sumanth in Godavari Shekar Kammula

Her childish tantrum might be discarded by many, but he simply obeys. He does not like conflicts. When, she knows his aspirations and how they are looked down upon by the world, she is determined to protect him from the people. She is full of hope and gives enough encouragement to pursue his dreams. Lack of materialism is not considered unstable by her. Here is a girl who understands his need to be there for others. Its too soon for his conclusion as there will be times when her needs are the only ones that matter. Yet, he has a fair chance to convince her. He isn't the average male dominant to crush her sunny disposition and masculine push. He is okay with her taking charge and she is fine with a guy who follows (for sometime). Plenty of instances where she makes the first move. She isn't the average girl who likes to be won over. She could go and propose a guy herself (like the aquarian of Hasee toh phasee) but she could not take even a small amount of indecision or disloyalty.

Kamalini Sumanth in Godavari Telugu movie Sekhar Kammula
You see, the fish does not like to create havoc, even if the situation calls for it (according to her). He simply uses his power of disappearing to do the trick. Aries unaware of his technique has enough fuel to feed her misgivings. It takes less than a friendly smile from her man to rouse her jealousy. A hug with an ex-gf would only flame up. The big secret of happy marriage with Aries girl, as illustrated by Linda Goodman is to not keep secrets with her. It might be a painful task for him, but its the only thing that keeps her calm and feel secure with him.

Kamalini Sumanth in Godavari Telugu movie Sekhar Kammula
Its quite unlikely for these two to go on without disagreements (carefully not saying arguments, you can have any hardly with Pisces). She needs a man to tell her "Shut up and listen" and he would be the last sign to do that. He needs a girl with calm disposition and she is the last sign to expect that from. Still, both need a mate who takes them for what they are and that makes them work through the relationship, when they find that soul in each other.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Cucking Frazy story of Aquarian and Piscean

aquarius pisces compatibility
Hasee Toh Phasee is one of those stories where female protagonist leads the movie. Well, most movies with Parineeti Chopra are such. Its actually very cute watching Parineeti and Siddharth give life to the Aquarius and Pisces magic from the book.

siddharth malhotra hasee toh phasee
Nikhil of the movie, is shown trying to make a relationship work which isn't working for 7 years long. He has very less sense of business and still works on it for the girlfriend. He is oblivious to money. He has no ego in facing humiliation from girlfriend and her father. As a child, was an intuitive person, but let his dreams stored away from the world. His tolerance levels are too high and always trying to make everyone happy. Look at his creative idea of impressing his girl, he is natural romantic. Can you give me any other sun sign which would have all these qualities, other than the sensitive and deep Piscean? Oh, forgot, he is best in keeping secrets.

parineeti chopra hasee toh phasee
Now, the mental Meetha, a genius, searching for a true soul to understand her is definitely an Aquarian female with love for adventure. She is detached with her own family and dreams different. I, actually was able to realize her sign quickly due to her resemblance to a friend of mine, who is fantastically quirky and eccentric. A genius, nevertheless. Uniqueness is natural with her. Meetha surprises the hell lot of everyone, either by using stapler to cover hole in a shirt or take anti-depressants to control emotions or proposing you on a latenight bus. She is able to decode people quickly. She can think of all weird ways to get through a day. Meetha, for godsake is friendly with the funny singer and could sing along. She is sensible and has her own set of honor code. She might be judged by everyone but not by the understanding Piscean we have here.

parineeti siddharth malhotra hasee toh phasee
Their first meeting shows the natural acceptance Pisces has for Aquarian quirks. Its 2-12 sun sign pattern with them. They have a natural sympathy. Her weird manners might shock others but not him. Look at the way he simply asks her "You going somewhere?" while she tries to get out of the house climbing a wall. Her futuristic approach blends well with his imagination. Its quite normal that she is intrigued, since her priority is always mental bonding before any romantic venture. Her masculine nature and detachment quite evident in inviting him to Goa and leaving it frankly when he declines.

parineeti siddharth malhotra hasee toh phasee aquarius pisces
When she comes back into his life, as a hyper personality, he still is quite ok about it. He is used to the drama of his fiance (quite possible to be a Leo, who is warm yet practical) and Meetha's ways are pleasant. An Aquarius can go from being extremely practical to fantasy discussions. Meetha could tell about practical remedy to hiccups to yogic remedy to tension. He isn't prejudiced towards her unconventionality, she isn't worried of his unstable career. His tendency to keep others' needs above him isn't considered a weakness but strength by her. She needs a guy to be her friend before turning to romance. She needs him to give her freedom of thought and action. He is infact all that and above that who cares for her and her family. You can only expect a Piscean to hug her in the awkward situation. He can confide in her, his dreams and be sure, they wont be judged. She will listen to his advice, whom many others could not influence.
parineeti siddharth malhotra hasee toh phasee aquarius pisces

The best quality of a masculine sign woman is she does not shy away from making the first move or here, proposing for a marriage. Best part is she wont be judged either with this sweetest male creature, even while rejecting. The lack of passion in her approach is fine with him and his hyper-sensitive nature is fine with her. His hell-bent decision on not breaking up could mean a Taurean moon. He actually could go over-board for others, even if he had to do unethical things. The sympathy for others is what makes him give up on Meetha. She is not the clinging type to hang around, respects his decision and moves on.
parineeti siddharth malhotra hasee toh phasee aquarius pisces

Yet, when you find someone who could give you freedom and yet watch your step, when you come across a person weird enough to keep you interested and also stable emotionally, its hard to give up on that love. Aquarian woman and Pisces man compatibility is summed up by LG as "Being just a little crazy together is the stuff from which their magic is made". Somehow the movie makers got that right in the tag line itself.

parineeti siddharth malhotra hasee toh phasee aquarius pisces

Monday, July 27, 2015

Aries(M)-Taurus(F) - Castle

Long time since I touched on this passion of mine. Not because I left it or lost interest in it. But I did not come across anything strong enough for me to blog about it. Not until I understood the backdrop of the wonderful Castle-Beckett romance on TV. People not familiar with "Castle", it's a crime-drama genre soap opera about a writer who becomes a partner to New York city cop. Writer here is Castle and of course the cop, the leading lady being Beckett. The soap has banked on the love tension between the couple more than the crime investigation part of it.

Castle Beckett Aries Taurus Castle TV show
To start with, I have actually spent a lot of time confirming my analysis of the character Beckett. I wasn't sure of her sign. I had to check Linda's love signs and sun signs a lot before figuring it out. Castle was undoubtedly Arien but Beckett had this huge Libran aura. I was also apprehensive as Nathan Fillion (actor playing Castle) is an Arien and with Stana Katic (actress playing Beckett) a Taurus woman, is it possible for the role to be also Taurean? But wonderfully it is. Despite all the Libran logic and charm, she is a Taurean, possibly with scales as her moon.
Castle Nathan Fillion Aries man

Castle, childish yet sweet person that he is, gives a great picture of Arien. There are also number of incidents pouring in his innocence. Determined, idealistic, fun and yet egotistical, extravagant, what not? He brings out the Arien from the book. His raw pull towards danger is another clumsy trait of Mars men. Of course, there should be a much detached sign in his horoscope that is helping him deal with the Libran tendency of Beckett.

Beckett Stana Katic Taurean woman

Uptight. One word that any one would use to describe Taurus. That is exactly how Beckett is characterized. It would be completely wrong on my part, if we do not discuss her beauty. The planet Venus manifesting in two ways, could only mean a perfect beauty like her. Tender yet firm. Couple of things that bring out the Libran ways are her voice, sweet like a Taurean, yet has the iron fist in a velvet glove touch of Libran, her inclination towards logic and initial tendency towards law. Basically, her obstinacy could only mean a Taurean. There is a beautiful line in a Telugu song which for me completely made the Taurean essence clear. It goes "Few women jump at the sight of an insect. But my lady, even when an earth quake strikes, she ties flowers together". Beckett gives life to this description. The emotional strength she portrays is the cherry on the top for her physical stamina. Also, the plain way she approaches romance is another distinctive Taurean trait. The boss in her too has some motherly element to it. Believe me, when I say this. Taureans make wonderful mothers.
Castle Beckett Aries Taurus Castle TV show

Being an Arien daughter to a Taurean mother and also observing a Libran girl with Scorpion mother, I have come to conclusion that whenever the 2-12 relationship arises, there is always the parent-kid aspect involved in it. Simple, the sign preceding will have lot to learn from the sign succeeding and the sign succeeding can understand very well the sign preceding. This shows clearly in the Castle-Beckett romance too. For the major part, Beckett is protective of Castle.
Castle Beckett Aries Taurus Castle TV show

For initial attraction, the mysterious nature of Taurean, with the rock solid earth crust, stimulates the Arien heart. They love puzzles and seem to look for them around too. Castle got that in Beckett. She however has strong beliefs and not very keen on falling for someone who is always on a fun ride and someone as challenging and frustrating as Castle, never. She needs her peace and calmness. But the genuine guileless Castle with no-games approach and the wonderful trait of kindness they both share, warms up her exterior to let in him to the deeper levels of softness. The mutual respect both share in the professional space also is the basis of Arien and Taurean bond.
Castle Beckett Aries Taurus Castle TV show

However she will take ample amount of time. Taureans need to know that your emotions are not of dwindling sorts and not flutter like a pendulum, for any relationship. But with the image of a playboy, Castle could not give it readily. She had to see for herself and we waited too, a long time for them to get together. 
For Castle, the excitement of crime investigation was good enough, like any Arien. But good thing is Beckett herself started looking through Castle's imagination which gave him no doubt in sticking around with her. He might deny but he likes her girl complicated, well, a complicated girl whom he can untangle. She is a challenge, a cause and don't ever doubt Arien will leave such challenge unattended. Also her practical approach has given him more motivation to explore, rather than killing his Mars enthusiasm.
Castle Beckett Aries Taurus Romance Castle TV show

On the negative side, he can't take her coldness for long. She has her moments with him, which involve her mother's murder case, but rest everything, she is patient. She forgives every time. These are remarkable traits of a Taurean. Also, the show gives wonderful differentiation of Arien jealousy and Taurean possessiveness. Whenever a third person enters between Castle and Beckett, the reactions are very different. Castle's jealousy shows in itself, targeting the third person, while Beckett's possessiveness can be found in her agitation towards Castle.

Castle Beckett Aries Taurus Castle TV show

I could go on forever but the planets speak for themselves, Mars and Venus. Above all they share a great chemistry and proves me something I believed beyond Linda Goodman books. That there is always the peculiar thing called love with the wonderful timing of universe, that could beat the routine ways of attraction dictated by the signs. In one line Castle summarizes their bond.

"If you're stubborn enough to keep going, I'm stupid enough to go with you"
Castle Beckett Aries Taurus Romantic relationship Castle TV show

Aries Woman and Sagittarius Man in love - Orange

Aries Sagittarius compatibility Ram and Archer Linda Goodman Love signs
Being an Aries girl, believing my Aries guru Linda Goodman, I never gave a thought about Archer (Sagittarius). Even in Love Signs she mentioned about Saggy being disloyal, more or less, even after wedding. But recently I saw this Telugu movie "Orange" that helped me understand why Aries-Saggy are magnetic to each other.

Sagittarius boy man - Ram Charan Teja from Orange - Boy Archer

So firstly lets meet the perfect Saggy of the movie, the Hero "Ram". His fire sign sparks can be observed from the first when he screams and comes to destroy his best art work (may be Arien by moon). His interests of sky-diving, wild life photography and Graffiti are typical of a Saggy. His open approach to relationships could be seen in the scene where he introduces present girlfriend to his ex.
Aries girl woman Genelia from Orange Girl Ram

The heroine of the movie "Jaanu", our Aries, gets introduced with innocent excitement and enjoying love story. She is lively and passionate, above all naive. Also we could see, she is never sure of her looks and femininity. Girl's Arian impatience and impulsiveness and eager to be in love makes her look for 3 guys without any thought. But with Sagittarian in line, not so easy for Aries. 

Ram Charan and Genelia from Orange - Ram and Archer Sun signs Linda Goodman Love Signs
As usual Sagittarius gets attracted to Aries instantaneously as LG mentions. He proposes her but with her Arien individuality, she thinks she can toss him out but as he is lot before her in karmic wheel she seems only cute even when she is serious. Man's strength and courage as usual gains her interest more than humour, golf or looks and her anger is never permanent. Another impulsive decision to go out with him. His surprise of an encounter with lion, enough lit her Mars enthusiasm and propose herself. Then comes the point, Archer and his truth. He cant lie. Thats what is his unique quality. He declares flatly about his idea of “love for only few days”. She can handle truth when its out there corresponding to others, not herself. Above that he destroyed her fantasy fairy tale. She tries to go away. 
Ram Charan and Genelia - Arien and Sagittarian of Linda Goodman Love Signs
But he is not a weak chap to let her go. Both cant live without love (along with Leo). His reasoning ability kills her. Her idea of a single woman man changes with his remark “I never loved two girls at the same time” (Of course he is definitely not a Gemini). But the sparkling ideas of Saggy makes her see things in a different perspective. Definitely the sky diving birthday present makes a strong impression. But she can't let herself losing in an argument and so never gives up in proving her faith in love stories, in fact fairy tales. His flashback truly portrays Saggy's love for freedom, friends, ex-gfs and "truth". I doubt the other heroine to be Scorpio for her demands. But never mind, exactly the way it was explained in Love Signs he runs away from the informal betrothal, and feels relaxed when his freedom is won back.
Ram Charan and Genelia from Orange - Ram and Archer Sun signs Linda Goodman Love Signs

When our Arien finally sees him as a perfect man, to be precise her knight in shining armour rescuing her (princess), wont push around and expresses her love. She accepts all his ideology but not the short term love, and with all Arien determination puts her agenda. He can't lie. He simply can't. So she walks away again. Believe me when LG said its easier to catch a bandersnatch than her, she meant it. But after all he is under a mutable sign and more adaptable and flexible. She is under Cardinal and has to lead. He analyses himself and her, well to arrive at an optimized solution. And only an Arien girl could understand what he meant, "Jaanu" did, but not without her thousand innocent doubts. Inspite of the messed up (may be just unconventional) mind of the guy, truly it must be 5-9 relationship for her to accept him.

Ram Charan and Genelia from Orange - Ram and Archer Sun signs compatibility Linda Goodman Love Signs
That's not the end of the story, Aries girl could allow him to wander and explore but not without financial steadiness. Not for the money or gaining her respect but for the sake of her respect. Remember, she needs a man who is always greater than her, not a MCP. Another icicle when she wants him to leave Graffiti, but he couldn't let her go for the reason of his ego (remember he is a Saggy, not a Leo). So he ends up in a quest for immense sea of love with “Jaanu”.